T1 - What is My Most Trusted?

Episode 1 November 06, 2021 00:02:40
T1 - What is My Most Trusted?
W05 - MyMostTrusted + your LinkedIn searches & messages
T1 - What is My Most Trusted?

Nov 06 2021 | 00:02:40


Show Notes

MyMostTrusted is a chrome extension that has become an incredibly powerful and time-saving tool that helps you interact with LinkedIn. It is entirely safe to use because it only does what you would be doing manually. MyMostTrusted acts as your personal assistant.

However, the first question is: Why would I want to reach out to others on LinkedIn?

Let’s start by reinforcing that the primary purpose of the Connect Collaborative is to help you build your team of team-building advocates. In other words, our primary purpose is to facilitate network-building rather than networking so that you can have a large and increasing number of others advocating for you.

If you had a large, rapidly growing team advocating for you along with people in other CC teams also advocating for you, wouldn’t that solve most of your problems?

Once again, however, we emphasise that you are welcome to participate in the CC environment without building your network if you see other value in simply participating in a positive environment.

When you reach out to others on LinkedIn, will they believe you are reaching out to them because you want something from them? It’s a common belief that the main reason others reach out to you is that they hope they will do business with you directly.

So, a good question is, how can you clearly show others that the reason you are reaching out to them is so that you can build trust with them?

1. When you reach out to others, suggest meeting face-to-face on Zoom because you are impressed with their profile and may have some contacts that could be good for them. When they see this message, there is a very good chance that they will look at your profile to see what you are about and ensure that you are genuinely interested in helping them rather than selling them something.

2. Tweak the summary section of your LinkedIn profile so that the first paragraph has words to the effect; although you and I may not be able to do business together directly, it is highly likely that I will know others who will be good contacts for you. I’m always happy to help like-minded others who also have a pay-it-forward attitude.

When you use a message suggesting meeting face-to-face beyond LinkedIn, it shows you believe it will be a worthwhile investment of your time.

When your profile informs them that you are keen to help others meet relevant contacts because you believe in establishing trust, why wouldn’t they want to connect with you?

If you are currently using LinkedIn for customer outreach, will this strategy dilute what you are currently doing? Not necessarily. If you are dealing with this issue, speak with others in the CC who have solved this dilemma.

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