T6 - How to triage your filtered list

Episode 6 November 09, 2021 00:02:14
T6 - How to triage your filtered list
W05 - MyMostTrusted + your LinkedIn searches & messages
T6 - How to triage your filtered list

Nov 09 2021 | 00:02:14


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How to triage your filtered list

Having obtained a filtered list of candidates, it is important to sift through each profile to decide whether or not you would like to send them an invitation to connect with a view to meeting on Zoom.

It makes sense to connect with others whose profiles clearly indicate that they are likely to be interested in building their networks and are like-minded.

In the end, you are only looking for a few good people to join your team. However, your team will grow because those that join your team will start building their team.

In many cases, a quick glance at a profile is enough to decide that you do NOT want to send them an invitation to connect.

In a few cases, you will give them the benefit of the doubt.

In other cases, you will be very excited about what they have written on their profile and be very keen to meet them on Zoom.

This triaging process can become tedious; especially when you are discarding most of the profiles you examine.

It is therefore essential that you

Keep working to improve your Boolean searches to produce better lists of potential candidates.
Establish consistent daily mini-habits.

Let’s say you set a goal to send out 1 request to connect per day.

In this case, the number of connection requests you send per day is so small that it is unlikely to become boring.

Also, you will likely send out more than just 1 connection request each day.

Our experience tells us that it will take about 200 well-selected connection requests to find 5 people excited about building their network as part of your team. In this case, even if you only sent 1 connection request per day, it would take you 10 months to onboard 5 team members. If you did 2 per day, it would take 5 months, and with 5 per day, you would onboard 5 team members in 2 months.

It’s up to you how quickly you build your team of team-building advocates. However, it is worth understanding your team members will often follow your example. In other words, if you introduce new team members quickly and your team members duplicate your speed, your entire team of team-building advocates will rapidly grow through the efforts of many others.


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